성경과 영어가 함께하는 동화학교 (초등-)

위비는 'weave' 옷감을 짜다에 'y'를 붙여 꿈을 짜는 아이들을 위해 붙여진 이름입니다.

Elementary/48 Books (now 28 books available-still developing)

Activities(in the back)/Monthly Series

Weavy is a Bible Story Series for Elementary students who can read the script

by themselves. The stories all talk about a character or an event.

Each story has its own central message to think about.

It encourages children to think all about faith and living.

It also encourages children to develop their reading fluency. 

Repeated oral reading and reader's theater will help them to read fluently.

They will also have many chances to think about Christian issues.

We want children to go as the leaders 

The scenario is in the back for stage reading.


Teacher's Big Book(A3)                Story+Workbook(A4)     

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Weavy Bible Readers

48 Books / After-Reading activities attached (thinking skills+language skills)

Weavy Schools in Korea


마다가스카르, 남아공...우리 교회 동화학교가 

선교지 베이스 캠프가 되어줍니다. 

 성경 스토리와 함께하는

영어독서클럽으로 다음세대를  

What To Do In Class

Weavy Monthly Series

8+1 things to do with 1 book