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영어와 섬품을 한 자리에 (유아-유치-초등 저학년)

Kinder~Elementary/36 Storybooks/36 Workbooks/Monthly Series


Magical Me is a Bible Story Series for Preschool and Early School Age children.

The stories are simple pattern books but it tells about the greatness of nature,

It encourages children to be thankful for the things they have,

and to build a lifestyle healthy and good.

It also deals with English. It gives basic words and sentences,

teach them to learn to read and spell.

It also encourages children to develop their reading fluency. 

With the songs and chants, and through the workbook activities,

and all kinds of reading activities,

Children will enjoy Magical Me reading class and will learn English .




Monthly Series/36 Books (Mission Place Only)

Teacher's Big Book A3                       Story Book/Workbook(A4)            Workbook(A5)

    교사용 빅북                                    어린이용 스토리북+워크북           선교지버전통합본

What is Magical Me?

 Sample Story: Hello 1-1                                                                                               Sample Song: Hello 1-1

 Sample Story: It's Christmas 4-6                                                                                Sample Song: It's Christmas 4-6   

What To Do In Class

Magical Me, Monthly Series

8+1 things to do with 1 book

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